More Challenges to Railroad Land

Dale Henderson is continuing to contest the ownership of the old railroad bed on his land in Hancock and Steuben.   He is now blocking access to a trail that was created on the old railroad bed.   As was reported earlier, Henderson is claiming that ownership of the land the railroad tracks were on should have reverted back to the previous owner as soon as the railroad company stopped using it.

The landowner recently erected barricades to stop users from traversing his property. In the town of Hancock, Henderson put up a berm on the tracks at one end and a stone wall at the other end. On a smaller piece of land in the Washington County town of Steuben, he built berms on both ends of the 50-acre property where the tracks run through.

Accompanying the barricades are signs that read “This portion of the railroad bed is closed. No trespassing. Violators will be prosecuted.”

via Bangor Daily News.

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