Hannaford Get Big Break

The federal court has rejected most of the claims against Hannaford supermarket relating to massive data breach.

A federal judge on Tuesday dismissed nearly all of the civil claims filed against Hannaford Bros. for the supermarket giant’s alleged failure to protect and notify consumers during an electronic data breach in late 2007 and early 2008.

Judge D. Brock Hornby ruled that the only consumers who will be allowed to proceed with the lawsuit are those who were not reimbursed by their banks for the fraudulent charges on their accounts.

Consumers who were simply inconvenienced or claimed to have suffered distress because of the data breach have no legitimate claims in this case, Hornby said in a 39-page ruling filed Tuesday afternoon at U.S. District Court. Essentially, the ruling on Hannaford’s motion to dismiss makes it unlikely that any class-action lawsuit will move forward.

– via Portland Press Herald.