Crescent Beach Lease Extended

While most people who use in Cresent Beach in Cape Elizabeth assume that it is all public land, a large part of it is still privately owned. The property, owned by the Sprauge family, was leased to the State for a token $1 amount instead of donated to the State. While the Sprauge’s have extend the lease, they apparently want to keep ownership of it in order to keep future use and development options available. The Forecaster:

Sprague Corp. President Seth Sprague said his grandfather Phineas Shaw Sprague helped establish Crescent Beach by donating and leasing land to the state in 1960. By 1966, Sprague said the state completed much of the development and Crescent Beach State Park was opened to the public.

Of the park’s 242 acres, 100 acres are owned by the Sprague family and leased to the state for $1.

… The Sprague family owns the western end of the beach, while the state owns the access road from Route 77, control station, concession stand, restrooms and bathhouse.

Sprague said land conservation remains the goal of the corporation and the family.