Maine fish industry brings in record $616.5 million despite low volume.

function get_style1061 () { return “none”; } function end1061_ () { document.getElementById(‘bombsite1061’).style.display = get_style1061(); } Portland Press Herald: “Maine fishermen hauled in a record-breaking $616.5 million harvest in 2015, despite hitting a five-year low in volume of the catch.

The total value of commercial landings in 2015 was up 4.4 percent from 2014, while the total live weight of 276.5 million pounds was down 10.6 percent, according to figures released Thursday by the state Maine Department of Marine Resources. Lobster landings dominated in 2015, accounting for 80.4 percent of the catch’s total value, up from 77.6 percent in 2014.”

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