Report: Maine’s Rural Roads, Bridges in Poor Condition

A new report focusing on rural roadways finds almost one 1 of 5 in Maine in poor condition and around 1 in 6 rural bridges to be structurally deficient. The report was prepared by the Washington-based group TRIP, which represents insurers, road builders, transport companies and workers.“Worn out pavements, oftentimes cracking or rutting of those pavements, there can be potholes, but as a motorist, what you’re feeling is a rough ride and certainly that’s beating up your vehicle,” says TRIP’s Rocky Moretti, asked what they categorize as a road in “poor” condition.

Source: Maine Public

Former York County probate judge sanctioned again 

Maine’s supreme court has suspended for two years the law license of former York County Probate Judge Robert Nadeau for multiple violations of the state’s code of judicial conduct.

The 34-page decision by the Maine Supreme Judicial Court, handed down on Tuesday, is the latest setback for Nadeau, who was suspended 30 days last summer while he was still on the bench and then lost his bid for re-election last November.

Nadeau had been operating a legal practice in Biddeford but now will not be allowed to practice for two years beginning Aug. 1.

He also was fined $5,000.

Source: Portland Press Herald

Trump’s red tape keeps Maine businesses from hiring the workers they need

Maine’s tourism industry could be short thousands of workers this summer if the federal government keeps in place limits on seasonal foreign workers.

Through March, Maine employers had 919 positions certified to be filled by foreign workers and about a third of those are in bureaucratic limbo.

That’s because getting certification is just the first step in the process. It’s immigration officials that set the cap on new foreign workers. Businesses have to apply to them after getting Labor Department certification.

Source: BDN Maine