Portland Press Herald and AP Articles on Maine’s Marijuana Legalization Law and Employment Incorrect

A Portland Press Herald article published late in the evening of July 24, 2017, inaccurately cited the Maine Department of Labor’s guidance to employers regarding the state’s new marijuana legalization law as related to employment. This article was later corrected, but before that correction was published, the story was picked up by national media and circulated throughout social media, including blogs written by attorneys to provide guidance to clients.

Source: State of Maine (via Public)

Lawmakers seek tax on pot that raises revenue but keeps buyers off black market

State lawmakers are debating how much they can tax recreational marijuana without driving consumers back to the black market.On Wednesday, the lawmakers charged with crafting Maine’s marijuana regulatory system struggled to find that “sweet spot” of taxing enough to pay for the cost of enforcing the law and some drug prevention, and hopefully making the state at least some money, but not taxing it so much that consumers will still buy their marijuana from a street dealer.

Source:  Portland Press Herald