Maine’s Lobster Harvest Drops In 2017, Rattling The Industry

Maine’s lobster harvest dropped more than 15 percent last year, according to data just released by the state Department of Marine Resources. But even if the haul was down, it’s still the sixth highest on record.Lobstermen knew from early in 2017 that the catch would probably fall off from the previous year, when they brought in a record 131 million pounds of the valuable crustacean.”My July was pretty much nonexistent,” says Curt Brown, who fishes lobster out of Portland, and works as a biologist for Ready Seafood, one of the state’s largest lobster dealers. “And it was just a waiting game – slowly trickling out, and so the rest of the year… I mean the rest of the year was decent.  It certainly wasn’t a banner year.”

Source: Maine Public